Cody Dock welcomes back youth groups and corporate volunteers

We have been apart for so long but it seems like only yesterday Cody Dock was a buzz with office teams, schools and youth groups helping regenerate our site and getting involved in our many volunteer projects.

Tideway connects with nature and finds a new connection with their project

Tideway paddle past the Northern outfall sewer, a major part of the infrastructure their project addressed.

Long standing supporters Tideway have volunteered at Cody Dock quite a lot over the years, such as helping to restore the River Princess, and building planters for our community gardening club. We love it when we get a chance to work with one of their many teams across london. After working remotely for so long John and Kelly wanted to get their colleagues together for a team building day, and thought that there was no better way to do that than volunteer at Cody Dock, one of their favourite community projects.

Taking time out

Part of what Tideway loved about visiting Cody Dock in the past was getting a chance to get active and do some physical work that had tangible benefits to the community, building, clearing and restoring. So when they arrived they were keen to get stuck in and work hard. The activities that we planned are part of our Environment and Ecology project, focussing on Citizen Science surveying. These activities involved working in a team to record wildlife along the Cody Wilds and carrying out a river safari to investigate the various river habitats and spot wildlife along the way. Although the safari involved being in a canoe and paddling along a tidal river, which is quite physically challenging, overall the involvement was more relaxing and cerebral.

Tideway on the hunt for invertebrates in hedgerows

The team exclaimed how ‘after all this time of remote working and being at home we thought we needed to get out and DO. When actually what we really needed was to get together and reconnect with the team and with nature!’ Afterwards the team enjoyed some downtime in the gardens with a beer at our pop up bar followed by a quick tour around the site to see what had changed and find out about other projects at Cody Dock.

Canary Wharf overlooking an island in the channel

Overall the team had a fantastic time, got a chance to see how the amazing work they are doing is having a positive impact on the river Lea!

Find out more about corporate volunteering opportunities or contact [email protected].

Royal Docks Learning and Activity Centre

The Royal Docks Learning and Activity Centre is based in north woolwich and runs a yearly summer camp packed with activities for local children. This year one of their first trips was to Cody Dock to explore the river and go on a nature trail treasure hunt. They needed to find and spot a variety of things from a yellow flower, to a shell, to a bird, and a tree with berries.

RDLAC kids explore Cody Wilds with Madge Gill installation by The Line in the background

This trail was used to inspire art work with our Cody Maker Abi, who has turned their findings into a junk journal. They had a fantastic time working with our team and discovering the river. We hope to see them again soon.

Find out more about opportunities for youth groups and schools, to bring a school or youth group to Cody Dock please get in touch with [email protected].