Navigators Guide to the Virtual Tour

The Cody Dock virtual tour takes users on a digital tour of the Cody Dock site, gardens, Cody Wilds and into ‘Wild about the Crescent’. 

The tour acts as an educational and informational resource with a variety of facts, videos, images and resources relating to plants and wildlife; history and heritage; and information about the projects at Cody Dock, partner organisations and supporters.  

To maximise experience it is recommended that users visit the site via a desktop or tablet device for optimal resolution and interaction, however the tour is mobile friendly. 

The site will continue to be updated with new features appearing regularly. 

Notes about navigation:

  • When using the site go to the bottom left corner to the 3 dots to operate using fullscreen.
  • Follow the smaller circular arrows embedded on each page. 
  • These arrows follow the direction the user is ‘virtually walking’.
  • A star will appear on every page, this star takes the user back to the explorer map, this map highlights key areas to explore which take users into different areas! 
  • To find all interactive elements on each page click the hand symbol in the top left corner. 
  • Images of animals are superimposed on some pages, these are interactive click them for more information!
  • For information about the different interactive elements please check the explorer key on the Welcome Page and the Explorer Map
  • For any further information or to report glitches please email [email protected]

Please don’t forget to fill in this feedback form to let us know how we can improve this virtual tour. Thank you!