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Cody Wilds hidden oasis

High Tide on the river Lea

Take a Trip to the Gravel Garden

Into the Sensory Garden


Cody Wilds by river

Channelsea river


Short film about our Bricklaying volunteer opportunity – video by Gereece Foster

The story so far

A short documentary film looking at the development of Cody Dock –  video by Stray the Path

Cody Dock Rolling Bridge

Ten years ago Cody Dock, was a neglected dump filled illegally with all kinds of waste.

Craning the River Princess

A time lapse piece of craning the River Princess and the Corlea onto dry land.

RHS at Cody Dock

RHS Ambassadors Nick Knowles, Chris Beardshaw and Adam Frost joined volunteers to create a beautiful riverside walk, packed with flowers.

FOURWALLS at Cody Dock

Simon Myers, the founder of Cody Dock, shares his thoughts on the areas interesting past, the present situation and his exciting plans for its future.

Big Lunch

A short film documenting The Cody Dock Big Lunch in 2013. Music is by the Mighty Cosmics.

Summer sessions

Setting up one of Cody Dock’s Summer events

Big Draw

This short, experimental animation is the culmination of a two-day drawing and animation workshop that was held at Cody Dock, as part of The Big Draw.

Lugus - Long arm of the light

Lugus – Long arm of the light, a cinematic portrait of the second incarnation of Lugus, a site specific sound art project.