What wildlife can you find at Cody Dock? Cody Dock is home to over 70 species of bird, 12 species of dragon & damselfly, 15 species of butterfly & 6 species of bumblebee, which of these ones can you find!

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I am a small flying beetle that has relatives in a variety of colours like orange, brown and yellow!

I am a large flying insect, apple green and bright blue, watch me capture wasps, and other flying insects to eat!

I like to feed on grass and seeds, find me down the river, there should be quite a few of us to spot!

I am small blue and yellow, I like to hang around in the trees at Cody Dock, I usually use the feeders with my friends!

I am a large red/orange butterfly! I love to feed on the nectar of the plants at Cody Dock like Ivy!

I am a plump dove that likes to hang around with my best friend, we fly from tree to tree coo'ing and looking for seeds!

I am shiny, and catch the light find me in metallic blues and greens - I like my cousin the emperor dragonfly am on the hunt for flying insects!

I am the UK's largest bumblebee! I have a buff to white bum which helps me stand out - I am really friendly and just want to find nectar!

Once known as the 7 coloured linnet, I still live to this name, like my cousin the greenfinch I can be found in a group on the search for seeds, listen to me pip pip!
Where did you see the ladybird

Where did you see the greenfinch

Where did you see the emperor dragonfly

Where did you see the blue tit

Where did you see the red admiral

Where did you see the collared dove

Where did you see the banded demoiselle

Where did you see the goldfinch

Where did you see the buff-tailed bumblebee

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