Work/live moorings

We have been operating two tidal live/work moorings beside Cody Dock since 2011 and plans are now underway to restore and reactivate Cody Dock’s brick lined dock to create a further seven moorings within it. The new moorings will form an integral part of our charity’s sustainable business model and provide an exciting way of continuing the strong community focus that has been at the heart of Cody Dock’s restoration.

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Dock History

Originally built in 1871, Cody Dock was constructed by the Imperial Chemical Company for the purpose of unloading coal from barges that was used to produce coal gas (town gas) and distribute the factory’s many by-products, such as soap and the pigment Prussian Blue. The dock was later purchased by the Gaslight and Coke Company who also owned the Beckton gasworks which became the largest gasworks in Europe. After being taken over by British Gas, the dock and its associated factory buildings fell into decline from the late 1960’s with all production coming to a close in the early 1980’s. Cody Dock and the surrounding properties were taken over by the Docklands Development Corporation in the early 90’s and much of the surrounding land was parcelled off for redevelopment into the business parks that still remain today. The dock, however, was no longer seen as being viable and was blocked off, partially filled in and converted into a balancing lagoon for surface water run-off. In November 2009 the charity Gasworks Dock Partnership was formed by local residents as a not-for-profit organisation, to provide a community led regeneration vehicle with the aim of opening up public access to the Lower Lea River and restoring the dock.

New moorings

The time line for completion of the new moorings is an ever moving feast, however GDP’s success with securing a 999 year lease in 2013 and having completed a full master plan and planning application in 2017, means that works should have begun in spring 2018.

The plan is to construct seven fully serviced new moorings that are capable of taking barges of up to 30m in length and 5m in width and these will be targeted at the larger types of craft such as Dutch style barges, Humber Keels and wide beam narrow boats. It may be possible for two smaller crafts such as narrow boats to occupy a single mooring but priority will be given to the larger boats that currently struggle to find suitable non-tidal moorings in East London.

All moorings will enjoy DDA compliant ramped access with pontoons running beside each boat, a dedicated single 32amp power supply, water connection and use or a shared pump out facility.

All vessels will be expected to be in full working order, insured and be able to manoeuvre under their own steam. These moorings are not for floating homes on dumb barges and priority will go to owner occupiers who regularly live or work from their boat.

These moorings will not only provide our charity with a sustainable income but are intended for people who share the charity’s core values and wish to play an active role in the emerging community at Cody Dock or provide goods or services that are of benefit to the wider local community. Both with its studio spaces and live work moorings, Cody Dock places a strong emphasis on supporting creative industries that either use as their inspiration, or celebrate, the Lower Lea’s industrial, social heritage, the Lea’s ecology or the area’s cultural diversity within their work.


Mooring licences will be issued and renewed on an annual basis and whilst our charity is committed to keeping mooring fees competitive, they will be reviewed annually so they stay in line with inflation. Services such as water and electric connection will be provided at cost, in addition to the mooring licence. The following breakdown of fees is meant as a guide only.

Mooring fee for a 30m berth: £6000 per year or £500 per month.

Mooring fee for a 20m berth: £4000 per year or £500 per month.

Each boat licence includes in-water storage for one tender of no more than 3 meters in length.

Deposit for key to onshore wash block with metered showers, washing machine & tumble dryer: £5.

All vessels must have an out or water survey at least once every 5 years and be fully insured at all times.

Subject to availability, boats that have been moored at Cody Dock for more than 4 years are entitled to 2 weeks of free dry docking at Cody Dock’s dry dock for the purpose of carrying out surveying, minor repairs and painting below the waterline.

Pump Out for sewerage or grey water tanks: £25 for up to 250 litres and 10p per litre thereafter.

32amp metered electrical hook charged at 14 pence per kWH + a monthly service charge of £4

Resident Car Parking for 1 car per boat: £120 per year

Additional vehicles and visitor parking: £4 per day

Short stay visitor parking for no more than 30 minutes is free and £1 per hour thereafter.

On shore storage for single or double kayak, canoe or small tenders: £15 per month

On shore storage for larger powered tenders and rowing boats up to 6m long: £25

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