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 Cody Dock
11c South Crescent
London E16 4TL
Office: 020 74 73 04 29
Charity No. 1141523 Company Reg No. 7135282

What to do:
  1. Find a nice comfy spot at Cody Dock or along the River Lea
  2. Stay there for one hour
  3. Grab a pencil and some paper or use the notes on your phone to record the birds you see  
  4. For each species, write down the highest number you see at any one time (to prevent accidentally counting the same bird twice)
  5. Fill in the form below when you've finished and submit your best photos!
  1. Grab a hot drink from the Riverside Cafe before you begin!
  2. Check your location is correct on the form - move the pin to where you are 
  3. Use the resources link below to see what birds you might see, and for some extra tips!

Birdwatcher Resource Pack

Please tell us the highest number of each species at one time over the hour!
Garden, Grassland or Woodland Birds

Finches and Sparrows


Song Birds



Waterway Birds

Fishers and Divers

Waders and Rails


Ducks, Geese and Swans

Urban Birds
Pigeons and Doves

Crows and Allies

Other species to look out for!

Other Species
Birds of Prey

Other Wildlife

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