Check out the fantastic work of the young artists that took part in the Thames Festival Trust’s Story of Water Project.

In partnership with the British Council’s, Connecting Classrooms the young artists worked with schools In Ghana to share their experiences and learning. Together they coproduced an environmental art project which was displayed at Cody Dock in winter 2021.

Pupils of Keir Hardie Primary School explored the waterways of London and recreated The River Thames using fabric for their display. They also upcycled plastic bottles into some of the oceans coral reef critters

Elmhurst students became activists taking to the streets of Upton Park to form their own climate march. Their research inspired them to write and perform moving speeches, poems and raps to capture the urgency of the Climate and Ecological Crises.

Speeches, Poems and Raps

Pupils explored coral reefs in their work, recreating some of the amazing and beautiful creatures that can be found in the world’s receding coral reef habitats.

Pupils investigated their own households footprint, bringing household waste into the classroom to create pieces by collaging widely un-recyclable waste onto underwater scenes which feature iconic sea creatures that are under threat because of these waste items entering our waterways.

Students of Southern Road were inspired by their Ghanaian partner school, embracing their culture, and using it to lead the direction of their work, creating striking pieces that are inspired by traditional fabrics, street art movements and the connection between these and the ocean.