Corporate and community partnerships are vital to our development and success. They have already played a key role in opening up the lower Lea River for leisure and learning, restoration of our community boat and development of our award winning gardens. We have opportunities across a number of projects on our site that will give your group a satisfying and rewarding day of activity. We want to ensure that everyone feels comfortable with what they are doing.

To find out more, book a date or to discuss your requirements please contact our Engagement Team by emailing [email protected] or calling 020 7473 0429 for a chat.

You can also print our brochure about corporate volunteering.


  • Individuals gain new learning about Newham’s rich industrial heritage and develop skills, opportunities and networks
  • Cody Dock and our charity (GDP) develop relationships as well as site improvements for all to enjoy. Businesses have increased visibility and social capital in the community
  • Increased staff morale, skills, motivation, commitment, performance and a fresh perspectives to bring to the workplace
  • Stronger relationships with partner companies when joining forces for a joint volunteering venture
  • Volunteers get to see their contribution to positive change and importantly being part of something that leaves behind an East London Legacy

On the day

  • On a typical day: there is construction and maintenance work, environmental and conservation activities, gardening and site preparation.
  • Tasks: are all fully risk assessed and supervised and are suitable for all levels of ability.
  • Group size: 10 to 40 people. Please enquire about your group requirements.
  • Costs: £40 per head, this includes materials, equipment, PPE (gloves, etc), project planning, site visits, risk assessment and supervision throughout the day.
  • Refreshments: free, unlimited tea, coffee and water. Optional home-cooked, healthy lunch (including vegetarian, vegan and gluten free) from our on-site Cody Dock Café. Bar available where everyone can relax together after a day of satisfying work.


“It was my first experience of a project like this and I was wowed by the enthusiasm and knowledge imparted by staff. I enjoyed being outside doing something that will benefit the area.”

“Whilst monetary donations are great for these sorts of community projects, the real benefit for us was working together as a team to achieve something for our local community. We really felt that we were making a difference and we even learnt a few new skills along the way! All in all, a great opportunity to be involved in something that will be of fantastic benefit for the wider community.”

“Working as a team with colleagues and feeling that I was contributing to the community. It was all helped by being supported by such a friendly team at Cody Dock.”

Brickwork & Restoration

Get involved in Brickwork & Restoration. Built in 1871 it is one of London’s only remaining brick lined docks. It had its peak of activity during the industrial revolution, becoming derelict for 25 years until 2013 when Thames Water donated it to GDP.

This is a chance to learn valuable masonry skills, restore historic infrastructure and be part of local legacy to help reactivate this once thriving Dock.

Gardening & Landscaping

Participate in our Gardening & Landscaping program. We have plenty of opportunities to develop spaces and habitats helping to transform sites around Cody Dock and the local area by creating or improving communal greenspaces with benches, hanging baskets and signage showing what plants and animals are here.

You can also get involved in planting out native trees/ shrubs and creating features to promote foraging and habitat for local wildlife.

Conservation & Citizen Science

Take part in our Conservation & Citizen Science volunteer program and help observe, monitor and record the biodiversity here as the area changes rapidly, informing national data sets while learning about protection of the natural environment.

Some of the activities include birdwatching, invertebrate recording, plant surveying and water quality monitoring.

Construction & Maintenance

Join a Construction & Maintenance session! There are large construction projects, such as building our visitors centre and wash-block facilities. Volunteers can help with activities such as creating new seating, shelters, and footpaths.

There is also regular maintenance of our community boat, gallery space, outdoor classroom, workshops, picnic areas and site preparation for seasonal community events, as well as site clearing and logistics.