And that’s a wrap!

Summer 2023 has been quite the year. To kick things off in May we took part in The Wild Escape, a scheme produced by the Arts Fund that aims to combine elements of art and ecology for primary school aged pupils – thereby uniting museums, heritage sites and schools in a celebration of UK wildlife and creativity. In total 165 pupils from 3 local primary schools took part in our Wild Escape activities over the course of a week.  After exploring local species and their habitats in the mornings, each of the schools worked with resident artist Matt Ponting to collaboratively produce 4 sculptures during the afternoon sessions.  

These sculptures were put on display at our Summer Event, so that the pupils and their parents would be invited along to the event for their very own ‘art exhibition’. If you’d like to have a look at the species, make sure to come to site over the next month while they’re still on display!

Sculptures of creatures you might be able to spot around Cody Dock, created for The Wild Escape in collaboration with resident artist Matt Ponting. Come to Cody Dock and see if you can find: a 7-Spot ladybird, Grey seal, Kingfisher and a Pipistrelle bat.

‘We are truly grateful for the amazing learning that took place at Cody Dock. The children commented how much they loved the whole day and they were very lucky to have an incredible experience learning about animals and plants as part of the Wild Escape! The children will carry through this unique experience – thanks to all at Cody Dock.’

Year 4 Teacher, Southern Road Primary

Other things we’ve run this year include a week of ‘Career insights’ in the environmental sector with a local secondary school where pupils explored career options in the environmental sectors. Firstly, by learning about the biodiversity we can find onsite with Gino, our Biodiversity Officer, engaging the pupils with how conservationists, such as Gino, regularly survey and record wildlife. And secondly, through hearing a variety of speakers (with representatives from the Wildlife Trusts and other London-wide environmental organisations) talk about their career path and what led them into a career working with wildlife.

Still, a highlight of the summer had to be participating in the City Nature Challenge with year 3’s from two local schools. The City Nature Challenge is a citizen science scheme where cities around the world collaborate to share observations of nature over the course of a week. Conducting the challenge out on school grounds, it was heartwarming to see the pupils getting so stuck into their scavenger hunts and running around trying to tick everything off their checklists with such dedication!

Pictures taken (left) after participating in the City Nature Challenge and (right) during a school visit to Cody Dock to explore the river habitat and wildlife along Lea’s precious wildlife corridor.

‘It was very clear from the beginning that the partnership with Evie was going to be easy and very smooth. We were able to meet and discuss, plan properly each session to be delivered and identify the outcomes- nothing was too much trouble. It was lovely to see the children’s interaction with Eivie and the delivery was as good as the content. Thank you very much indeed.’

Finally, summer 2023 marked the launch of Cody Dock’s very first Summer Camp! In response to the rising levels of eco-anxiety in under 25’s, we aimed to provide young people with the tools to build up skills in eco-literacy, talking different topics in sustainability, as well as working collaboratively to create a new project in the local area. You can read more about the launch of our Summer Camp here.

Developing skills in young people around nature connectedness and the importance of nature for our wellbeing, as part of Cody Dock’s summer camp in August.

Big thanks to everyone who’s made this year special!

With love,


School and youth groups at Cody Dock

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