Somewhere I Live
Exhibiting work from artists who have been brought up in, live or have a strong connection to Newham and Tower Hamlets.

18th September – 16th October 2020
Cody Dock Gallery
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Artists and co-curators  Judith Kusi & Adeyam Tsehaye in collaboration with Gasworks Dock Partnership, Cody Dock

This exhibition features 11 artists showing works reflecting their interpretation of their local areas, in the midst of global health and social crises.

Artists and friends Judith Kusi and Adeyam Tsehaye reflected on their shared experiences of the global health crisis and the global focus on racial injustice. The importance of their connection to, and feelings of belonging within their local area, were revealed as pertinent to their wellbeing during these uncertain times.

Their experience of the amplification of the Black Lives Matter movement provided them with inspiration to seek ways of facilitating allyship within and between their respective communities. Cody Dock, a community wellbeing space sandwiched between, and connecting the two boroughs that Adeyam and Judith call home, provided the ideal space to initiate allyship.

The co-curators considered what their own connections were to the spaces they have been brought up in, what they pay attention to in the spaces and their connection to their local area. Judith’s reflections on the recent months…. “experiences of lockdown highlighted the importance of the space around me. Often busyness has meant that I have neglected to notice what is in front of me, these spaces that subconsciously cue my body to feel relaxed, feel connected. Spaces that remind me that I am home”.

Somewhere I Live presents works exploring artists’ interpretations of their local areas; focusing us on what is perceived in the present. Challenging the sensitivity of the senses, and leaving exciting thoughts in the viewer’s mind.
The exhibition, Somewhere I Live, includes a variety of interpretations of the theme. Paintings, sculpture and photography are included, and installed within the indoor and outdoor spaces of Cody Dock.

Kusi is a Conceptual Artist who lives and works in Tower Hamlets. She is a practicing Educational Psychologist who is currently applying psychological theory to the concept of race. Recent exhibitions include ‘Celebrating Black Creatives’ at Drink, Shop & Do, London King’s Cross and ‘Art On Lock’ an online exhibition curated by Black British Visual Artists.

Tsehaye is a self-taught abstract figurative artist, living and working from her home in Newham. She is currently exploring themes of mental health and attachment theory. Adeyam displayed and sold artwork at Black Girl Festival 2019, the UK’s first festival celebrating Black British women, girls and non-binary people.