Cody Dock's Rolling Bridge: An update

A year has passed since The Cody Dock Rolling Bridge was officially opened to the public. After a seven year development phase, it has been amazing to see the growing popularity and interest in the bridge and its very unique functionality. Do come by on Saturday 3rd of June from 11 am – 6 pm and have a go at rolling the bridge yourself! Here are some of the recent highlights:

Recipient of The Bridges Design Award 2023

Described by the panel  as A unique and novel design capturing the spirit of engineering. A fun and playful mechanism. An innovative solution with the novelty factor! Very good value for money for fabrication and construction. Innovative derivation of the rolling path of the bridge using historical square wheel mathematics. Clearly a very collaborative team.”

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Cody Dock Rolling Bridge has been shortlisted in the Architects Journal Small Projects Award 2023

A huge thank you to all our community supporters and funders: