Update: Donations Closed

Cody Dock would like to thank everyone who has donated to this project – we look forward to seeing you all at our opening ceremony, details will be announced soon.

Engrave your name on our new Rolling Bridge - DONATE NOW

The fabrication of the new Cody Dock Rolling Bridge is well underway and the ground works at the Dock have begun now too. It’s still not too late to donate to the project though!

Anyone who donates before 11th April will have their names immortalised on a special commemorative plaque which we will be installing on the bridge. 72 supporters have already donated, have your name added today:

Donations Closed

About the Cody Dock Rolling Bridge:

Designed by Tom Randall-Page with engineering support from Price & Myers and fabrication by Cake Industries this contemporary bridge design is an architectural first that provides an exciting new twist on a moving bridge whilst celebrating the area’s rich historical links with Edwardian industrial design & local iron production.

This project provides a unique opportunity for people to play an active role in the regeneration of Cody Dock and reactivation of the Lea River. Every funding donor will have their name cast in metal to provide a lasting record of their connection with this chapter in Cody Dock’s history.

Why it’s a great idea:

  • The project not only reactivates a currently underused community asset (Lea River Park & Cody Wilds) but will also put Cody Dock and the surrounding a waterways oasis with its currently under-celebrated heritage and ecology firmly on London’s map.
  • The regeneration of Cody Dock has always been about mass participation and engagement with communities, this project enables all our supporters to beimmortalised within a contemporary piece of industrial architecture/functional sculpture that will endure for generations to come.

A huge thank you to all our community supporters and funders: