An exploration of the urban ecologies and cultural significance of brownfield sites in Berlin. Dir. Matthew Gandy | 2017 | U | 1h 12

Friday 17 May, 6:30pm to 9pm (doors open at 6pm and the Cody Dock bar will be open throughout)

Tickets: £6.00

 Screening followed by Q&A with the director, Matthew Gandy.

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The film takes us from the Trümmerlandschaften and their unique ecologies to the abandoned roofs of the Friedrichshagen Waterworks on the edge of the city. Encountering an extraordinary variety of spontaneous vegetation from all over the world that has sprouted along railway lines, street corners, and in the distinctive Brachen of Berlin.

But what is an urban landscape anyway? Even a cracked pavement or neglected parking lot, with its own ecological dynamics, can serve as a kind of small-scale landscape beloved of urban botanical excursions.