Celebrations, Awards & Hidden Treasures!

At the end of April Cody Dock was awarded the Climate accolade from the Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance, a national membership organisation representing everyone who believes that creativity and cultural engagement can transform our health and wellbeing. Cody Dock’s work was recognised for being an outstanding project, which is multi-solving, place based, concrete and creative, said judge Hilary Jennings!

Volunteers celebrated the award today along with Riverside Café owner Nadia Kerbouche who provided some nibbles to start off tomorrows Eid festivities! A spread of baklava, canapés and fruit tarts were enjoyed by all!

Cody Dock Celebrates CHWA Climate Award 2021

Amongst the celebrations, this weekends volunteers achieved a phenomenal feat! The first ever river Lea clean-up along with 3 teams working on land to take on local fly-tipping. Our small fleet of 2 canoes and a kayak, began to make a noticeable dent in some of the rivers plastic pollution, among the finds were 5 footballs, countless plastic drinks bottles and so much broken up Styrofoam that the team nearly missed lunch time!

First lower Lea clean-up of 2021!

Although the real treasures were on land! Our volunteers have been cleaning up the ‘Cody Wilds’ woodland spaces for the last couple of years, removing bits of stolen car, sofas, fridges, and all sorts of nasties. These damage the greenspaces and build the case for getting rid of them! They are a tenacious bunch and just won’t stop, and their work is really beginning to show, however endless the problem seems. The morning teams made real headway, so much so that the afternoon team tackling the ‘fly-tip strip’ managed to delve deeper into the bushes, but they were not to expect what they found!

Volunteers Discover Lost Kit

Almost £50,000 worth of stolen equipment, dumped in the foliage! After a little detective work, Cody Dockers contacted Rock Surveying, providing the safe return of their kit and work! As always It was really surprising what was removed, along with the kit, 2 bathtubs, a motorcycle, sofa, endless rubbish and a fridge, all in a days work!

Our precious woodland areas host some rare and ancient trees, some as old as 200 years; and these trees are home to a fantastic diversity of wildlife, so conserving these habitats is imperative!

To get involved in volunteering at Cody Dock check out our volunteer activity pages for more information and contact [email protected]