COVID-19 Update

Due to the Government’s new COVID-19 guidelines we have had to suspend the Cody Makers workshops for the foreseeable future. We will update this page as soon as they can resume.


July is a month of warm summer sun, oranges and ochres. Our theme for July is relaxation!

July is my favourite month of the year, not least because it’s my birthday month – but also because as a kid it was the start of weeks of freedom from school. A time to ‘knock round’ for friends, time to play and explore – and as adults I encourage us all to still do this.

Get lost in a good book, wander around the neighbourhood and snoop at other people’s front gardens or window boxes in bloom. Sit on a bench with an ice cream and watch the clouds roll by.

Maybe try some sketching – all you need is paper and something to draw with, a pencil or a biro would do. Just make some marks on the paper, see where the doodles take you. Then why not drop by the Gallery at Cody Dock and see what I’m up to. I have paint, paper, fabric, wood… plenty to play with.

Located at the entrance to Cody Dock, the Cody Makers home in the Gallery Space is airy and bright with lots of room to build things, sew, draw, paint and relax – it’s right next to the cafe and a short walk to the river!

Photo of a Bird House made at Cody Dock

What Are We Making In July?

Over the next four weeks we will be exploring junk journals! If you’ve never made a junk journal then you’re in for a treat – it is a fantastic way to repurpose old paper, card and even junk mail. Journals can become as elaborate as you like by adding colour and texture to the covers and fancy papers to the inside.

We may even go as far as adding some fabric pages… anything goes!

When you’ve made a journal you can use it to write in, sketch, scrapbook bits and pieces or simply gift the whole thing to a friend for them to use.

No previous experience of crafting is necessary, I’ll be your guide and we’ll junk journal together – there is so much to try.

Photo ops the Materials for a Junk Journal

Picnic Day

We had a wonderful picnic day in June, with lots of music, tours of the Dock, home baked goods, plants for sale and crafting with Cody Makers! Read more about it here.

What are we looking forward to next month?

The theme for August is friendships as we explore sewing name brooches and crafting art dolls for friends and family.

Maker Session Dates for July

Wednesdays, 10am – 1pm

July 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th

There is a £5 charge for these sessions – book online now!

Calling aspiring makers!

This is a shout out to all the makers out there, the crafters who no longer craft but wish they could, the painters and woodworkers who were scolded at school for colouring outside the lines and making wonky objects. It’s time to heal your old school art wounds and reconnect with your making mojo.

Cody Makers run weekly craft workshops where you can share ideas, learn new skills and make things with your own hands. All this in the heart of the creative community that is Cody Dock.

Jam Jar Tea Lights

Junk Blooms

No-Sew Tote

Checkout our 'Lookbook'!

July: Create with mindful abandon.

This month’s Cody Makers is brought to you by the Cinnabar Moth, Foxglove and Greenfinch. These three beauties will guide our crafting in July.

These pretty black and red moths are often confused for butterflies. Their black and yellow caterpillars are a common sight on ragwort plants. The caterpillar’s bright colours warn predators not to eat them, giving a strong signal that they are poisonous.

Foxglove is a well-known plant across the UK, which produces a spike of purple-pink flowers between June and September. It can grow up to 2m tall and is found in heathland, woodland edges and gardens. This pretty flower is also a valuable source of nectar for bees.

Its twittering, wheezing song and flash of yellow and green as it flies, make this finch a truly colourful character. Although quite sociable, they may squabble among themselves or with other birds at the bird table.