Bioacoustics Workshop

Sunday 5th May, 10:00 – 12:00

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Artist, Tom Fisher (Action Pyramid), will lead a workshop on how to record, use and interpret bioacoustics – the science of understanding biological organisms, dynamics and ecological processes through sound analysis.

Bioacoustics, Sunday 5th May, 10am to 12am.

About the artist:

Working under the name Action Pyramid, Tom Fisher’s projects vary from site-specific sound installations for galleries and museums, to experimental sound works, documentary film, radio and music.

Utilising a multitude of recording techniques, often aimed at exploring and re-interpreting the seemingly unnoticed and unheard elements of our surroundings, he looks to present compositional and spatial expressions of these phenomena in a way that attempts to offer up alternative perspectives regarding perceptions of scale, hierarchical bias and the interconnectedness of living things. 

He has performed and exhibited his work internationally, attending artist residencies in Iceland and the Finish Arctic as well as being the recipient of the 2021 Phonurgia Nova Prize in the Field Recording category.

Headshot - Tom Fisher.