Here at Cody Dock we pride ourselves on involving as many people as we can in the development and progress of our site. A major group we have engaged are young people from local schools, colleges and community groups. Our work with children and young people is vital in engaging the local community in our work, and it is always especially exciting when young people return to us, bringing their families and friends to the site to explore and get involved. We welcome approaches from schools who wish to get involved in all activities here so if you want to find out more, please contact our Engagement Team by emailing [email protected] or calling 020 7473 0429 for a chat.

Why volunteer?

There are many ways in which young people can benefit from volunteering including:

  • Making a positive difference to their community
  • Building teamworking skills, gaining confidence and increasing self-esteem
  • Learning new skills and knowledge
  • Meeting and working alongside people of all ages
  • Enhancing curriculum learning, life skills and employability
  • Becoming part Cody Dock’s legacy
  • Having fun and making friends
  • Learning more about and becoming more connected to the area where they live


Alongside our environmental and heritage schools’ packages aligned to our boat, we are pleased to work with schools in developing a rewarding volunteer programme. Aimed at pupils – we want these activities to be informative and beneficial to both the Dock and the community surrounding it. We have a number of opportunities on our site that will provide a satisfying and rewarding experience that can link with the priorities within the curriculum or look beyond them.

We want to ensure that everyone feels comfortable with what they are doing; the important thing being that whilst they are carrying out tasks that will benefit our project, they are also having a good time and feel totally engaged with what they are doing.

Tasks are fully risk assessed and supervised and are suitable for all levels of ability. We have full public liability insurance in place.

You volunteer at a time and pace that suits you and your students. All we would expect is a suitable staff:pupil ratio where the activity requires it. You can always have a chat about what various activities involve so just contact Liz by calling 020 7473 0429.


As an organisation we put the community at the very heart of what we do. To reflect this, we organise regular community events over the year – opening our doors and welcoming people in to enjoy whatever occasion we are celebrating.

We love to include performances from local schools so if your choir are keen to get on the road or a dance troupe itching to take part we would love to have them on board.

Gardening Sessions Across Our Site

Our gardens are a firm favourite with the local community who value the green space tucked within a hugely industrial area beside the River Lea.

We have 3 gardens which require watering, re-seeding, weeding, turning over, new planting and general maintenance activities. We would welcome small groups of young people to help us out on a Wednesday between 11am and 3pm.

Partnership projects with GDP and local businesses

Here at Cody Dock we are constantly looking at ways to bring together different partners to work on projects which will benefit the wider community.

This could involve anything from taking part in joint clean ups to creating habitats such as giant bug hotels.

Students can get out of the classroom and enjoy doing something practical which will enhance the topics they are learning at school.


From time to time we have opportunities to work with partner to deliver workshops for young people. These can be fun and engaging and compliment what is being delivered in schools

Last year we had the opportunity to create a series of short stop animation videos with a renowned film animator. We are looking to develop these sorts of offers further and would like to offer such opportunities out to schools for their students to benefit

Audits and surveys

Each year we invite the community on to our site to help us with the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch. A key group are the local schools who bring out classes to help us with our count.

We are developing other ecological surveys and audits and would welcome the involvement of local schools to help us with this.

Work experience

Maybe your students would benefit from undertaking some work experience here.

Over the years we have had a number of students support us in our gardens, art gallery, with construction projects and in our office. The perfect way to get them ready for the world of work.

Interested in volunteering?

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