Arts & creative industries at Cody Dock

The arts and creative industries have been part of GDP’s Cody Dock since its inception and are not only seen as key to Cody Dock’s sustainable business plan but as an essential engagement tool that enables us to share the wonders of the Lower Lea river and its diverse heritage and ecology. Our 1000 year lease enables us to provide long term security for artists and creative industries who are as excited as us about living and working in the area and wish to help build stronger more sustainable futures for local people.

The history of art and the creative industries in Newham: despite recently being part of the cultural Olympiad, Newham has one of the lowest rates for participation in arts and cultural activities in the country. However, that is all about the change!

  •         Richard Wilson and Bo Gamelan
  •         Mark Wallanger
  •         Turner Prize
  •         Brick Lane Music Hall, Rosetta Arts

Our Approach and Philosophy

The purpose behind the creative quarter – engaging with local themes and communities. Exposing people to art as part of their daily lives.